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DDC Resources

Divas On a Mission
Character Development through Team Building and Community Outreach
“Divas on a Mission” is a pre-designed community outreach calendar that aides in character development and team bonding experiences. This resource provides specific monthly themes to support the needs of your local community.

Diary of a Diva
Words of encouragement that provide fuel for the journey from your very own ladies of legacy
“Diary of a Diva” is a pre-designed student-centered project that provides a platform of encouragement and support to current Student-Athletes still on the journey of chasing their greatness. Former Student-Athletes know the motivation that’s needed to continue to press forward in testing times as they have once walked in your athlete’s shoes.

A Diva's Guide To Success

A Leadership Guide to Empower

A Diva's Guide to Success was inspired by Crystal Day's journey to find new ways to grow team confidence and leadership ability. When you lead people to their purpose, give them effective tools of leadership, create platforms for goal setting, and equip them with tools of resiliency phenomenal leaders will emerge.


This manual provides:

  • A 16-week character building guide

  • User-friendly task outlines

  • Facilitator talking points

  • Supplemental visual video aides 

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