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DDC Services

Services Lineup

DDC takes a holistic approach and provides services that target the areas of team building, character development sessions, leadership development guidance and professional development inservices.


Bronze Package $150 Customizable 45 minute Session

   2 Team Building Activities

Silver Package $250 Customizable 1.5 Hour Session

   2 Team Building Activities + Empowerment Session

Gold Package $350 Customizable 3 Hour Session 

   2 Team Building Sessions + Empowerment Session + Individualized Consultation

Platinum Package Elite Services Contract Based 

   Guest Speaker

   Keynote Speaker

   Professional Development Conferences (Physical Education Inservice, Leadership Training, etc)

   *Additional Services

 Additional Services $25 Hourly

   One-on-One Consultation (athletic coaching essentials, athletic collegiate recruitment          guidance, etc)

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